Your donation can help with everything from support for volunteers, uniforms, office equipment, and the most basic necessities such as heat and electricity. Every dollar received goes to help fill the gap between basic funding for community policing and the actual cost for providing services to the community.

The SCPC does not solicit for funds over the telephone or door to door. If you should ever receive an unsolicited telephone call or knock on the door asking for funds and the caller says that the money will go to the SCPC, or is in any way associated with the SCPC or VPD, please be aware that is not the case!

As a registered charity, any donation over $20 or more will receive a charitable gift receipt.

We can now accept donations online, click below:

OR, you can donate in person or by mail:

By cheque, payable to Strathcona Community Policing Centre.
By mail or in person at the CPC located at 872 East Hastings.
Provide a “Gift in Kind” to support SCPC program activities or an event.

The Strathcona Community Policing Centre is a registered, non-profit charitable society.