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Strathcona CPC Volunteers help deliver food for families and seniors in the neighbourhood

Strathcona CPC volunteers partnered with the Lotus Light Charity Society to package and deliver grocery hampers for Strathcona families and seniors in need.

On May 14 and May 28th, Strathcona CPC volunteers, led by Volunteer Coordinator Brian Kim, partnered with the Lotus Light Charity Society to package grocery hampers that were loaded with yummy fruits and vegetables. The food was graciously donated by the businesses on “Produce Row”.

Executive Director of the Community Policing Centre Dan Turvill said: “We were so happy when Lotus Light called us. Our volunteers have been itching to get back out into the community to help those that they see in need right now, and Lotus Light helped facilitate that chance.”

With COVID-19 restrictions putting a halt to many volunteer activities since Mid-March, it has been hard knowing that there are so many who need our help.”

The VPD’s neighbourhood police officers even stopped by to lend a helping hand.

This event is one of the ways in which the SCPC is “getting back to business”, with volunteers starting community clean ups a couple weeks ago. For information on how to volunteer with the SCPC, or to partner with us for an event please contact Dan Turvill at (

Strathcona Community Safety – Weekly Updates during COVID-19 Pandemic


The Strathcona Community Policing Centre will strive to be a trusted neighbourhood source of crime and safety information, updates and tips for the Strathcona community during this pandemic. Please visit this page for Daily updates focusing on the things that are important to Strathcona Residents right now, and looking ahead to a bright future. 

To report neighbourhood activity or to interact with us directly please email us anytime at or follow us on Twitter and Instagram → @StrathCPC

A message from the VPD Community Services Section:

“The way the VPD responds has not changed. For now the VPD’s response is the same as it was before the pandemic.  There are plans in place to ensure public safety is maintained throughout this crisis. Front line policing is the priority and always will be.”

REPORTING CRIME IN STRATHCONA → The Vancouver Police Department is asking us to let citizens know that it is Business as Usual for reporting crimes in the city:

  • For any emergencies where Immediate response is required → call 911
  • For all non-emergency situations, where an immediate response or dispatch of the police IS NOT required – when some time has elapsed since the incident occurred, the crime suspect is not on the scene or you are calling about a nuisance issue (e.g. noisy party, graffiti) → Call the VPD non-emergency line at 604-727-3321
  • You can report the following non-emergencies ONLINE for the following situations: 
    • You lost something valued under $10,000
    • Something valued under $10,000 was stolen from you
    • Your property and/or your vehicle is vandalized with the repair cost expected to be under $10,000
    • Your car is broken into
    • Your bank card/cheques are used without your permission and the total loss is less than $10,000


For the latest on Business safety and security with the Strathcona Business Improvement site – BIA website


For the latest on Public Health and Services related to COVID19 / Coronavirus visit Vancouver Coastal Health – VCH, The BC Centre for Disease Control – (BCCDC), the World Health Organization – WHO, and The City of Vancouver – 

Block Watch → One of the most amazing things that we have seen during this crisis has been neighbours joining together to look out for one another. See this link for the latest Vancouver Blockwatch newsletter. We at the SCPC love this program and if you are interested in starting a new group in your neighbourhood, there is information in the newsletter on how to do it. 


May 19, 2020

Here are your Strathcona updates to start a fresh (short) week:

CITY OF VANCOUVER and VPD → The city of Vancouver has released a statement addressing the recent call to cut VPD budget by 1%. 

*Statement by VPD Chief Adam Palmer regarding the same issue.

*The City of Vancouver will be providing upgraded washroom facilities to the DTES. 


May 15, 2020

*We thank you for visiting with us every day the last couple of months during the most critical time of this pandemic. We are going to move to a weekly model and make these updates more focused specifically on crime prevention and safety in Strathcona.

Have a safe and fantastic May long weekend!


May 12, 2020

Good News of the Day = What a good boy! Police dog Vader stops attempted auto theft in Strathcona. 

Good News #2 = Constance Barnes raises $10,000 for Mother’s Day mask and meal handout in the DTES.


May 11, 2020

Good News of the Day = A beautiful story dedicated to mom involving a look back at Strathcona’s history.

DTES → A good summary story about BC’s efforts to move homeless/underhoused people indoors during the pandemic. 

STRATHCONA → A favourite with many Strathcona residents, the iconic Army and Navy Store is closing the doors for good after 101 years. 

OPPENHEIMER PARK → All campers have now moved out of Oppenheimer park, and clean up efforts begin.


May 8, 2020

Good news of the Day = Tennis anyone??  Vancouver opening tennis courts including at Strathcona Park, with restrictions.

VANCOUVER POLICE DEPARTMENT → Thieves targeting mail theft more because of all the CERB (and other benefit) cheques coming in right now. Please be extra vigilant, and watch out for your own mail and your neighbours.

DOWNTOWN EASTSIDE → For those that are not aware, your Strathcona Community Policing Centre is part of a group of organizations that meet three times a week to coordinate efforts to help those in need in the downtown eastside. Find out more about the group here.


May 7, 2020

Good News of the Day = What better news could we get then the first part of the plan to “re-open” the province. If you missed the announcements yesterday, Here is a good summary by the CBC of everything you need to know on May 7. 

*We are happy to share a more detailed version of the BC Restart Plan


May 6, 2020

Good news of the Day = Support Local Businesses in Strathcona. In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Support Local BC has created a website which allows customers to purchase gift cards for local independent Strathcona Businesses. The City of Vancouver Page is now live.


May 5, 2020

Good News of the Day = BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry has reportedly been nominated to receive the Order of Canada!

OPPENHEIMER PARK → May 5 – Oppenheimer Park updates.

VANCOUVER PD → The VPD is seeking help identifying two witnesses (cyclists) to an assault in East Vancouver at Slocan and Franklin


May 4, 2020

Good News of the Day = Happy International Firefighters Day (and Star Wars day…) everyone! 

TRANSLINK → Translink to resume fare collection as of June 1. 

STRATHCONA PARKS → Illegal dumping in Strathcona highlighted by city councilor, Pete Fry. The Strathcona Community Policing Centre has reactivated some of its volunteer force partly to help combat this trend. We held our first two Clean Ups last week and we are planning another one every two weeks. If you want to join, please contact Dan Turvill (

DTES → Front line workers concerned over their safety due to staffing shortages


April 30, 2020

Good News of the Day = Canucks fans proving to be the League Leaders once again. 

Community Clean Up → Your Strathcona Community Policing Centre (us!) got back to work yesterday as a group of 9 volunteers hit the streets, fully equipped with PPE gear and performed a successful Community Clean up. The group removed 15 bags of garbage, and 10 used needles from the streets, parks and school yards in Strathcona neighbourhoods. We plan on going out again this Saturday (May 2) and then again every two weeks for the rest of the year. If you would like to join us, please contact Dan Turvill ( 

DTES → Overdose deaths continue to be a concern in the downtown east side, and social distancing measures may be contributing to the problem.


April 29, 2020

Good News of the Day = In case you missed it when we first posted about it, you can still take a Virtual Cherry Blossom tour around different neighbourhoods in Vancouver, including Strathcona! 

DTES → so far only a small number of cases of COVID19 found in the Down Town East Side (DTES).

The city has unveiled a strategy for testing for COVID19 on the DTES. 

On Sunday there was a violent attack at Main and Hastings, a 27 year old man is in Hospital with serious injuries. Please be careful out there.


April 28, 2020

Good News of the Day = Check out this incredibly humanizing portrait of health care workers on and off the job. Truly amazing to see how the city has rallied around these people. 

Nothing else new that we felt needed to be reported to Strathcona today regarding crime and safety in the neighbourhood. There is lots of news out there, and we try to keep things specifically related to the health and safety of our little community.


April 25 – 27, 2020

Good News of the Day = Chinatown Care volunteers getting creative in helping disconnected seniors. 

CITY OF VANCOUVER → The city has unveiled a plan to temporarily accommodate underhoused and unhoused people in Vancouver hotels, as well as clear out and clean up Oppenheimer park. 

STRATHCONA COMMUNITY POLICING CENTRE → Your SCPC is going back to work for the community. This Wednesday (April 29) and Saturday (May 2) your SCPC volunteers will be heading out into the community to conduct much needed clean ups of litter, masks/gloves, discarded needles, trash. All precautions and social distancing measures will be in place during these activities. If you are interested in participating, please contact the office at 604-717-0622.


April 24, 2020

Fridays are for Good News = Vancouver Canucks Providing free meals for families in Strathcona 

DTES → A bit late on this but a new walk in COVID-19 testing site is now open on the DTES.


April 23, 2020

Good News of the Day = Musicians and Artists always seem to find fun ways to give back to their communities. Check out Apollo Ghost’s new charity album “Local Delivery Only” covering Vancouver artists in support of the DTES Response team

CITY OF VANCOUVER → The city has announced some proactive measures taken to help DTES residents access essential services


April 22, 2020

Good news of the Day = Mobi bike share offering free passes to Essential Workers. 

CITY OF VANCOUVER → Another way you can help. The city is asking for donations of bottled water and take out food containers. 


April 21, 2020

Good News of the Day = Potluck Catering continues to be a key player in the drive to provide food to the needy during the pandemic. Since Friday they have delivered almost 5000 meals to individuals in private SRO’s (Single Resident Occupancy) and unhoused individuals via the DTES Response Team. A lot of people and organizations are behind this, and we hope to be able to recognize all of them soon. 

DTES → The break in at Lord Strathcona Elementary has brought lots of discussion on what to do regarding the homeless population of the DTES during this pandemic. Stories below:
From CBC

From The Province

VANCOUVER POLICE DEPARTMENT → The VPD has reported a 30% increase in “robberies” of people in the streets and of convenience store employees during the pandemic. Please stay safe, and report suspicious or criminal activity to us at the Community Policing Centre. 


April 18-20, 2020

Good News of the Day =  We decided the Good News of the Day should be the first thing you read 🙂 →  While much of the focus was about the “occupation” of Lord Strathcona Elementary, we want to put the focus on the amount of good that is still being done for the kids in this neighbourhood. “…we still provide more than 250 meals a day to Strathcona students”

VANCOUVER POLICE DEPARTMENT → Many of you must have noticed the “occupation” of Lord Strathcona School over the weekend. If you missed it, here is the story. 

STRATHCONA HOUSING → Social housing and family-friendly units proposed in development application for Strathcona site.

CITY OF VANCOUVER → Vancouver has launched a new online Dashboard for all things COVID19 related in the city. 

CITY OF VANCOUVER EMERGENCY FOOD → The city has also launched a resource to help people find/receive food and give food. 


April 17, 2020

No Strathcona specific updates for the day. Please have a relaxing, safe and joyful weekend 🙂


April 16, 2020

CRIME STATISTICS  CTV does a great deep dive into crime stats from the VPD and shows that property/residential crime is Down in Strathcona with COVID19.

BUSINESS NEWS → Remember, for businesses related updates we recommend you follow the @StrathconaBIA account and website (

Good News of the Day = Enterprising group of Strathcona area seniors podcasting during a pandemic. 

For a constant stream of good news from around the world, trying giving this account a follow @goodnews_movement


April 15, 2020

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TIPS → If you become required to quarantine yourself for 14 days, are you prepared? Check out this list to help get you there. 

CITY OF VANCOUVER  → A look at many of the measures being taken by the city to help the homeless and vulnerable populations. 

VPD → Vancouver Police department take action and make arrests against property crime in the city.

Good News of the Day = An older article, but if you missed it, prepare to have your faith in humanity restored (or confirmed) 🙂  A summary of Good deeds from across Metro Vancouver in the Vancouver Sun


April 14, 2020

Only good news today 🙂

Good news of the Day = The world works together to collaborate on a new children’s book that aims to help children understand and come to terms with COVID-19. Released today –


April 13, 2020

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter weekend! We took the time to connect with family, enjoy some good home cooked meals de-stress. 

BUSINESSES → As a follow up to our interview with Theo Lamb, ED of the Strathcona Business Improvement Association, here is the BIA’s list of Strathcona Businesses that are open right now and the services they are offering

CITY OF VANCOUVER → We heard from resident’s this weekend asking what to do if they saw people gathering in large groups this weekend. A reminder that the best way to report any perceived violations of city closure orders and by laws is through the VanConnect App.

Good News of the Day = Despite the worry that our society will fear physical contact in the future … a New Angus Reid poll shows Canadians most look forward to hugging again


April 9, 2020

DOWNTOWN EAST SIDE → A case of COVID19 has been confirmed in the DTES at the Harbour Light Centre

Despite safe drug supply, overdose deaths remain a central issues in the DTES 

CITY of VANCOUVER → The city moves to expand virtual access to public meetings. 

Good News of te Day = UGM and the Salvation Army set ambitious goals for COVID19 relief 

Good News of the Day #2! = Vancouver based Rocky Mountain Chocolate donating $500,000 worth of chocolate to those in need. I think we could all use a bit of chocolate these days; and if you agree, consider supporting them or your local chocolatier. 


April 8, 2020

BC PARKS → Not Strathcona specific, but this could affect some of your plans this weekend. As of today, all BC Provincial Parks are Closed, and the ban on camping in them has been extended to May 31st. 

Good News of the Day = City of Vancouver is creatively addressing the problem of information and education about the virus flow to the homeless and residents of the downtown east side that may be disconnected from traditional news mediums. Check out the new Mural program


April 7, 2020

WORLD HEALTH DAY → today is World Health Day and we are joining the celebration to support nurses and midwives ! If you have never celebrated this day before 2020, now is the time to start making it an annual tradition 🙂  

DTES → A wide range of grocery and meal programs have been set up in the downtown east side. See HERE for more. 

Good News of the Day = Virtual Cherry Blossom tours now available for Vancouver. Including some spots you might recognize from Strathcona!


April 4 – 6, 2020

STRATHCONA BUSINESSES → Strathcona neighbourhood businesses in trouble:

Call to Action – Support our local small businesses if possible. Order take out (Wednesday and Friday is my families “eat out” nights where we order take out or delivery from a small local business), order products delivered from somewhere that isn’t Amazon, etc.

Down Town East Side→ The newly formed DTES Response group surpassed it’s fundraising goal already!
DTES Response group surpasses $100,000 fundraising goal for immediate help to residents in the downtown eastside.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE → CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) applications are now OPEN.

STRUGGLING WITH LANGUAGE BARRIERS? → Do you, or someone you know have a hard time staying up to date because of language barriers? The BC Centre for Disease Control has a great resource you can share here: has also added a feature to translate it’s COVID-19 info page:

Good news of the Day = The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. Metro Vancouver forecasts 7 straight days of sun. We know it will be hard to avoid large groups outside, but please remember that just because you are outside, does not mean you can not transmit, or catch the virus from others. Enjoy our beautiful outdoors, but stay safe with Vancouver’s Park Champions:


April 3, 2020

CITY OF VANCOUVER → Map to find places you can wash your hands across Vancouver. This map includes our newly installed additional hand washing stations in the DTES:

VPD → The latest Cybercrime tips and news. This is becoming relavent to all of us while these are on the rise right now.

Good News of the Day = So many people and organizations stepping up to “Give a Hand” to those that need help. Check out the story HERE. If your looking for a way to help, here is the great new resource discussed in the story:


April 2, 2020

CITY OF VANCOUVER → Overdose and response updates 

GREATER VANCOUVER FOOD BANK  → If you are counting on the food bank to help right now, Be advised that the GVFB has updated Food Bank pick up locations for people’s safety. Starting March 31 pickup locations in Vancouver are: LOCATIONS HERE

    • 1 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • 630 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

VANCOUVER PARKS → The City of Vancouver has announced that Parklets are officially Closed except for as an extension of the sidewalk for walking and rolling. 

PROVINCE OF BC →  Some news that may impact many of us in Strathcona. BC is going to supplement residents ($300) who currently receive income and disability assistance and are ineligible for the new assistance plans being implemented ($2,000/month Canada Emergency Response Benefit). Details of the $300 benefit are in the link.

Good News of the Day = BC Hydro providing 3 months relief from hydro bills for those in need


April 1, 2020

*Keep in mind, it is April Fools Day. There may be an influx of misinformation today, so be extra vigilant and always please make sure to verify your information before spreading. Come to us if you need help or advice with this.
Dispelling rumours and finding truth among the noise. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays the role of MythBusters on their site as they continue to have some of the best information available. See this link to Bust some common COVID19 Myths:

The Vancouver Police Department has released their 2019 VPD Annual Report.
The Strathcona Community Policing Centre spoke with Sgt. Tim Henschel this morning; he is the Sargreant in charge of our district and he encourages residents to watch out for one another and to please report any criminal activity. Lot’s of front line officers deployed (same as always) and their call volume has slightly decreased. Full Update

*VCH News
Dr. Henry also announced a new First Responder Dispatch Protocol, in which firefighters and police officers who might normally attend to medical emergencies along with paramedics will no longer be dispatched, unless their services are required. The protocol will help better protect non-paramedic first responders, and reduce unnecessary use of valuable personal protective equipment (PPE), during the COVID pandemic. Full Update

Good News of the Day = Union Gospel Mission “Maskforce” sewing much needed medical equipment for our front line healthcare workers → Full Report


March 31, 2020

PROPERTY CRIME IN STRATHCONA → We have heard many voices in Strathcona raise the concern about an increase to property crime during this crisis. The VPD shares these concerns and is taking steps to proactively manage these concerns. See link for more details. 

DTES → Residents of Strathcona are all familiar with the current challenges in the downtown east side and the risks this virus poses to people who live here. Visit DTES – Response Strategy to learn more about what is being done, and how you can help. 

New rules for PARKING IN STRATHCONA and some guidelines for waste collection → Please note the recent, temporary, changes to parking rules across Vancouver. For Strathcona residents to note, the City of Vancouver says it is “responding to the changing demands for parking” by temporarily suspending enforcement for the following:

  • Metered parking
  • Rush-hour zones
  • Residential permit-parking zones
  • Parking time limits, including three-hour parking restrictions

Please do not make any calls to the VPD or to the city regarding the enforcement of the usual parking restrictions around Strathcona.



Strathcona CPC Announces Temporary Office Closure

Hello Friends,

Due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 virus, the Strathcona CPC will be closing our storefront at 872 East Hastings for the immediate future to ensure the safety of our community and to encourage people to stay home during this time.

We remain open to phone calls and emails to help and guide those in need of help and those with questions. So if you need help, if you are isolated and feeling alone and just need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact us.


Look after each other, and stay safe.


Dan Turvill
Executive Director
Strathcona Community Policing Centre

Speed Watch Training

Volunteers were trained for speed watch by Paul Goodman from ICBC on Sunday, September 23, in order to show vehicles their speed and promote awareness of the importance of driving slowly through speed sensitive areas.

529 Garage

Strathcona CPC volunteers along with volunteers from Hastings Sunrise CPC and Grandview Woodland CPC spent a busy afternoon registering bikes into the 529 Garage database on the Union Street Bike Path.

5th Annual Soapbox Derby

The 5th annual Soapbox Derby, for local children and youth was organized and delivered in partnership with VPD, VCC and Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre. The NASKARZ (Never Again Steal Cars) program, which addresses youth and gang crime through mentorship and positive relationships, was involved as well. Participants squeezed into a variety of custom-built, motorless, improvised vehicles, trying to be the best racers on the track while raising money for NASKARZ.