Diversity and Inclusion

Program Description:

The Diversity and Inclusion Program implements programs to educate and promote the celebration and tolerance of all communities and cultures, especially those residing in Strathcona. A community that understands each other better, is a safer and more inclusive one. There is a culturally diverse population in Strathcona that sometimes struggles to communicate and relate to one another; programs that promote diversity and inclusion make for a more cohesive community that looks out for one another and reduces conflict.

Program Highlights:

  • KAIROS Blanket Exercise
  • The Carnegie Cultural Sharing Program
  • Marching in Parades (Vaisakhi, Chinese New Year, National Aboriginal Veterans Day)
  • Japanese Street Food Fair

Skill learned:

  • Empathy
  • Knowledge and understanding of different cultures and values
  • Relationship Building
  • Anti-Racism