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Dec 07, 2022

The perfect time to Volunteer?

Have you ever considered volunteering in your local community? Not sure if you have the time to be able to commit? Perhaps waiting until the time is right? As we look ahead to a new year, there is no better time then right now to step up, find your role and purpose in your community, get to know your neighbours better and help make Strathcona a better and safer place. 

Your Strathcona CPC is now accepting applications and interviewing volunteers! 

For a copy of the application form and a glimpse at the requirements, visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE & our PROGRAMS PAGE for a look at the types of opportunities you could be a part of. 

When people hear "policing" they usually have a certain image in their mind. Here at the Strathcona CPC we look at "policing" through a community lens. We approach neighbourhood safety a little differently as we work with all the people who live here and all of the other service organizations in the neighbourhood.  We also work closely with the Vancouver Police Department to help establish a positive, friendly and effective relationship between the people and the police. 

If your passionate about your community, or maybe curious about a career in law enforcement, come and visit us or Contact Us today.